Our Recycling Policy

At Cheaper Bin Hire we are conscientious of the impact of waste disposal on the environment, and have developed new, coherent, efficient and environmentally responsible procedures and systems in accordance with government law.

In general, we aim to:

  • Avoid the generation of waste
  • Reduce the amount of waste (including hazardous waste) for disposal
  • Manage waste as a resource
  • Ensure that waste treatment, disposal, recovery and re-use is undertaken in a safe, scientific and environmentally sound manner
  • Contribute to the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, energy conservation and production, water efficiency and the productivity of the land.

We make a concerted effort to pursue sustainability by improving our handling and usage of waste, and also to reduce hazard and risk by strictly policing the disposal of potentially hazardous content.

As a result of our recycling policy, we are now proud to say that we currently divert 70% (on average) of all our rubbish from landfill, and aim wholeheartedly to continue this effort.